Updates Available

Latest version of SmileBASIC is Ver.3.5.2 and an update is now available for download from Nintendo eShop. For more details about the latest update please see “Updates” section below.

To check how to download the update, click here.

Details of Updates

Bug Fixes in Ver. 3.5.2 (June 24, 2017)

BASIC Interpreter-related

Severity: High

TXT, DAT or GRP files cannot be loaded if they are generated with SmileBASIC for Wii U then overwritten with SmileBASIC (for Nintendo 3DS)
SmileBASIC may stops responding with each of the following condition
  • Use FORMAT$ instruction to display more than 1024 digits of a real number
  • Attemp to load any of TXT, DAT or GRP files which are generated with SmileBASIC for Wii U then overwritten with SmileBASIC (for Nintendo 3DS)
  • Execute FFT/IFFT in a low memory room
  • Do SHIFT or POP a string which was computed to multiple a number by a null string
  • A name of a function is referred by VAR() as an array element is given to READ instruction’s parameter
  • ‘%’ character is used in a caption string as attempting to display a file-name entry dialog by DIALOG instruction
  • Execute RUN command after GOTO or GOSUB instruction is executed to jump to a specific label within a DEF clause where any error happens beforehand
  • Execute CONT command after terminating a running program in the direct mode. RUN command should never been executed in this circumstance
  • Huge number of characters like 1M characters are given to BGMPLAY instruction as a parameter
  • PCMSTREAM instruction is given a null array
  • Execute RUN command after a particular COMMON DEF is called in the direct mode. The SMILE TOOL has to be run after a program which calls a COMMON DEF clause in a different program slot was executed
  • A particular user-defined instruction is called in the direct mode after executing CLEAR command. That user-defined function has any global array
  • Execute SPHITRC to DISPLAY 0 which is the touch screen after all 512 sprites were assigned on DISPLAY 0 which is the upper screen

Severity: Middle

Decimal is also displayed by attempting to display integer
Content displayed on the screen goes wrong and the editor does not work after executing PRINT instruction in the DIRECT mode while the online help being displayed
‘Syntax Error’ happens instead of ‘Incompatible statement’ by executing XON WIIU instruction
GCIRCLE or GPIE instruction takes longer time to process a gigantic radius and a program cannot be terminated while it is in process
PROJECT instruction can take ‘.’ as a project name but it should not
PROJECT() returns a string ‘###’ while a working project is a default one
Contents of an array or string functions are unexpectedly permutated as repeating to create/release huge size of arrays or string functions
‘Subscript out of range’ error occurs as attempting to copy an array with no elements (zero-element) by COPY instruction
Leaking memory happens when DEF instruction has a wrong sentence structure
SPCHK cannot detect a termination of an animation which has no sprite setting parameter changes between frames specified by SPANIM instruction
Noise is made periodically while PCMSTREAM instruction is being executed
In case a movement speed for sprite collision detection is not set by SPCOLVEC the movement speed, which was calculated automatically for sprite collision detection is not cleared up after an XY-axis animation set by SPANIM ended

Additions/Changes in Ver.3.5.2 (June 24, 2017)

New Instructions

  • XON COMPAT(Change to 3DS/WiiU compatible mode)
  • XON 3DS(Change to 3DS exclusive mode)
Details of previous updates (included in Ver. 3.5.2)