Updates Available

Latest version of SmileBASIC is Ver.3.6.0 and an update is now available for download from Nintendo eShop. For more details about the latest update please see “Updates” section below.

To check how to download the update, click here.

Details of Updates

Bug Fixes in Ver. 3.6.0 (June 29, 2018)

BASIC Interpreter-related

Severity: High

SmileBASIC may stops responding when…
  • no parameter is given to OPTION instruction.
  • more than 256 parameters are given to OUT structure within instruction call or definition.
  • some extraordinary (gigantic number of) coordinates are given to GLINE instruction.
  • a program is executed with some very complicated formulas are included.
  • referring to an array of 8 or more dimensions with an index.
  • the Syntax Error occurs after executing a program then do GOTO or GOSUB with a label instead of a line number.

Severity: Moderate

No error occurs when any resource type except PRG is specified in EXEC instruction.
Type mismatch error occurs when an ERR parameter in small caps is given to LIST instruction.
Incorrect result/status is returned from BGMCHK function right after any of BGM playback-related instructions are called.
Incorrect result is returned when INF or NAN is included in a parameter of MIN/MAX function.
Different color value is used to an edge of characters defined between (0,16)-(511,47) in DEFBG image data.
Yen mark and Backslash are displayed as it shoud be by DIALOG instrucion.
First parameter is taken even if an error occurs as a second parameter is invalid in COLOR instruction.

MENU UI and other UI-related issues

Severity: Moderate

Color setting is incorrectly set when the color selection bar is at the very bottom in the OPTION menu.
Occasionally a caption of the error dialog is incorrectly set when an error occurs in LOAD instruction.
An error occurs when uploading a project with an one-letter file name.

Additions/Changes in Ver.3.6.0 (June 29, 2018)

New Screen Capturing function

  • In the BASIC screen SELECT button enables you to capture both upper and lower screen in JPEG format. Built-in app like Camera or Image Share application can handle captured screens in JPEG format.

New Instruction to validate user-generated MML

  • The new function CHKMML has been added in order to validate a playability of user-generated MML.

Behavior of the START button

  • Behavior of the START button has been changed in order to prevent the START button from terminating a program unexpectedly.
    Now the START button has to be pressed down longer to quit a program.


Details of previous updates (included in Ver. 3.6.0)