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SmileBASIC is a dialect of the BASIC programming language specifically tailored for Nintendo 3DS.

BASIC has been a very popular programming language for beginners since the early days of the personal computer era. SmileBASIC is designed to be much easier and simpler than other modern programming language. Just start SmileBASIC, type your program, run it and have fun with what you get! You can enjoy programming intuitively with no worries.

Now SmileBASIC comes to Nintendo 3DS with 3D viewing support. It is a unique programming platform which lets you program 3D easier than ever!

Also, you can utilize data from the built-in accelerometer, gyro-sensor, microphone and the circle pad in your programs. Get the most out of the potential of the Nintendo 3DS!

Just do it.
Try it now, Think later.

Just start SmileBASIC and type in the following five lines. You don’t need to think what these lines mean at this point.

  1. SPSET 0,501
  2. WHILE 1
  5. WEND

Done? Okay, then type “RUN” and hit the A button. The program runs and the character moves around in the 3D screen (upper screen) as you touch the Touch Screen (lower screen)

How does this program work? Here is the trick. The first line picks up the sprite #501 from the built-in sprite library. This sprite moves around. The third line detects the position where you touch on the Touch Screen. And the forth line moves the sprtie to the position you touched. This program continuously moves the sprite by repeating the third and fourth lines. To make this happen, the second and the fifth line perform that job. This is a very basic “BASIC” program. You can create your own program by choosing the right “BASIC” instructions, which give you what you need.

Leave time-consuming work behind.
Just focus on what you want to do.

We understand everyone is not a superman, who is able to do everything alone. SmileBASIC offers various built-in materials for you in order to reduce time-consuming but necessary work. There are more than 2,000 built-in design sprites that can be used for character parts or backgrounds. You can pick what you need, like easily finding the perfect main character. Also, you can use a rich set of the background sprites to create your own map. All chips are carefully designed and they are beautifully familiarized with any type of games. Plus, There is a built-in design tool called “SMILE TOOL”. This tool allows you to create your own pixel art from the ground up or edit any of the built-in chips for your needs.

You need sound materials, too? No worries. There are more than 100 professionally made sound materials for SFX and BGM. Just one BASIC instruction to sing a whole song within your program. Moreover, you can compose your own song with SmileBASIC by using Music Macro Language or MML. MML enables you to compose your own music in a familiar way by specifying notes and duration of each note. Just like a music score. Nintendo 3DS will play your music as you conduct!

Success Guaranteed.
Ready to help you any time

Is programming really a talent that even a complete beginner can pick up?

SmileBASIC has a comprehensive instruction manual built-in. It tells you the very fundamentals like how each button works, how to use the on-screen keyboard and how to play with BASIC. Plus, the “Help” button brings up context-sensitive help for you whenever you need in programming. It shows you appropriate explanations or samples based on what you typed in.

Moreover, there are a variety of sample games and tools that give you great ideas or tips for your programming or help you understand how BASIC instructions work in various ways. Lastly, there is a great built-in tool called “SMILE TOOL”. This tool helps you manage a huge number of sprites in a very easy manner. You can bring it up anytime you need without closing your program.

The world is yours.
Up in the cloud and Down to others

Your program can be stored on our servers in the cloud as your private backup or published to other SmileBASIC users if you prefer. Once your program is published, a unique download key is issued automatically. You can give it to others via e-mail, your blog or your favorite SNS. Then they are able to download your program into SmileBASIC with your download key. In the same manner you can download programs by others, too. Downloading programs from the cloud can also be a great help in learning just how they work. You can even try and help programs written by other users become even better by recreating or improving them!

SmileBASIC will be available in Japan and other countries in various languages.

BASIC enables you to speak with others via your program regardless what language they speak.

SmileBASIC will be available in Japan and other countries in respective languages.

BASIC enables you to speak with others via your program regardless what language they speak.
The world is yours.
Hello, World!

All Screenshots and videos on this page were captured from the Japanese Version of SmileBASIC (PetitCom 3).
The overseas version of SmileBASIC will have user interfaces localized in English or relevant languages.