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  • 2016.07.11

    SmileBASIC is now unavailable on Nintendo eShop because it has been reported that SmileBASIC is used for a wrong purpose to abuse Nintendo 3DS system. We have already found a root cause of this security breach and already took necessary fixes preventing SmileBASIC from unwanted access to the system. As soon as the update is approved SmileBASIC will be back on Nintendo eShop. We know that many of SmileBASIC users are concerned about this happening. We always try to make SmileBASIC safe and secure for our true fans and we will never leave any kinds of exploits and breaches. Thank you for your support.

  • 2016.06.15

    Latest updater for SmileBASIC has been released. Please download the updater from Nintendo eShop. The updater contains some bug fixes and you can find details at the Known Issues and Updates page.

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