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You can download a latest updater, SmileBASIC Ver.3.6.0, for overseas. Some bug fixes, adding the screen capture function, changing the START Button behavior and adding BASIC language function have been made on this update.

For more detail, please visit our official website.


Long-awaited SmileBASIC for Nintendo 3DS is Available in the Most European Countries on August 17!
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SMILE GAME BUILDER, a new DLC and “Dokutsujima” (for 3DS) will be at BitSummit 2017 on May 20th!
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Official “PetitCom” Magazine “SMILEBASIC MAGAZINE SPECIAL” Published in Japan

“SMILEBASIC MAGAZINE SPECIAL”, the official magazine of the Japanese version of SmileBASIC lineup was published in Japan on March 16th. Although this official magazine is a Japanese magazine it can be ordered from or ask your local bookstore to order it from Japan. No translated version is available.


SmileBASIC is back! The updated version of SmileBASIC has been released. Please re-download it from Nintendo eShop. You can find details at the Known Issues and Updates page.


SmileBASIC is now unavailable on Nintendo eShop because it has been reported that SmileBASIC is used for a wrong purpose to abuse Nintendo 3DS system. We have already found a root cause of this security breach and already took necessary fixes preventing SmileBASIC from unwanted access to the system. As soon as the update is approved SmileBASIC will be back on Nintendo eShop. We know that many of SmileBASIC users are concerned about this happening. We always try to make SmileBASIC safe and secure for our true fans and we will never leave any kinds of exploits and breaches. Thank you for your support.


Latest updater for SmileBASIC has been released. Please download the updater from Nintendo eShop. The updater contains some bug fixes and you can find details at the Known Issues and Updates page.


We inform all of SmileBASIC users that there is a schedule server maintenance taking place on every Monday for half an hour. While the server is unavailable you are not able to perform uploading, downloading and publishing operations. As you attempt to tap “Publish/Download Projects” menu at the TOP MENU you will see an error saying the server is unavailable.

The starting time is 8PM in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or UTC.
The planned downtime is half and hour.

You can find the starting time in your time zone below.

12PM in US Pacific Time
1PM in US Mountain Time
2PM in US Central Time and Mexico (Mexico City)
3PM in US Eastern Time and Canada (Ottawa)


“SmileBASIC Ogiri”, the 4th Programming Contest by SmileBoom Co.LTD. is now open!

To celebrate the release of SmileBASIC for North America, we are holding the 4th programming contest. Previously the contest was for Japan only but now all SmileBASIC users in North America are eligible to enter!

For more details, please visit!


We’ve just confirmed that SmileBASIC is now downloadable on Nintendo eShop for North America! Please enjoy! And hope you like it!


To Petit Computer/SmileBASIC fans in Europe,

As soon as we announced the release date of SmileBASIC we are getting lots of e-mails asking the release in European regions.
We are considering the European release aggressively and will make an announcement once we made a decision.


Today we proudly and finally announced that it has been officially decided to deliver SmileBASIC, the long-awaited English localized version of Petit Computer the 3rd, in the US, Canada and Mexico on October 15th, local time. The price is $9.99 for the US, CA$12.99 for Canada and MEX$158 for Mexico. SmileBASIC is available on Nintendo eShop exclusively.

SmileBASIC is a true localized version of Petit Computer the 3rd. There is no difference from Japanese version except the localization. Same instruction set, same features and same online services. That means programs are compatible and able to run on both SmileBASIC and Petit Computer the 3rd. So users can share, download and enjoy programs created by others on the globe.


To all awaiting Petit Computer fans,

We really apologize that we have posted no updates since the last posting in May.

We are almost there! All necessary development work was completed a few weeks ago and we’ve already proceeded to the final stage for delivering SmileBASIC via Nintendo eShop. For now Nintendo and SmileBoom are working hard to make it available to all awaiting fans outside Japan as soon as possible.

Once we obtain the final approval, the delivery date will be determined and can be announced officially.

We really appreciate all of your patience. It is really coming!


To all our precious Petit Computer fans,

Last summer we officially announced that it would be coming in Spring this year. However, we decided to delay the release of the overseas version on purpose while we were doing the localization work pretty well. Why? We decided to introduce some great new features into the Japanese version for Ver.3.2. As soon as the development of the Japanese version is completed, we will prepare the overseas version based on the same codebase. What does this mean to you? So this will prevent any confusion between the Japanese version and the overseas one. This is the reason why we are not releasing the overseas version yet.
We all understand you are wondering when it will come out and some of you are disappointed or frustrated by seeing no updates from us.
We apologize that we were not giving you updates accordingly. We are fully committed to deliver the best version ever for our fans outside Japan.

Please be patient. We are working very hard now and it is coming on the way to you very soon.

As soon as the release date is decided we will make an announcement on our official Web and Twitter.

Thank you for your support!


New page has been added! Now all built-in samples are revealed Check it out!


Tokyo Game Show 2014 is coming! We will appear at the booth 4-S1 in the Hall #4.
SmileBASIC will be showcased and you can play with SmileBASIC and all built-in samples. Come visit us to enjoy SmileBASIC in advance!


SmileBASIC official site is now open!