Announcement of Results

The results are in for the 4th SmileBASIC Ogiri programming contest! Submissions for the contest were open from Saturday, October 17th, 2015 through Monday, January 4th, 2016. There were a total of 166 entries – the highest number ever! After strict deliberation – together with our special judge, freelance writer Ninja Masuda – we selected the winner of the Ogiri Grand Prize, as well as 22 other winning entries. (Posted March 18th, 2016)

Please note that all public keys in this page have been refreshed with new ones so that he old keys no longer works.

Wakajishi Award

Awarded in recognition of truly inspired concepts

『Rune wars』

A war simulation game with a twist. Employ summon circles and magic circles to put yourself in an advantageous position as you repel and attack enemy units! Its exciting battles and unique characters give this game its appeal.

Use this Public Key to download: 4DAXXEA3

Judges’ Comment

Fun – plain and simple. All of the judges fell in love with this game, so much so that it was distracting everyone from their work!
Making a genuinely fun game is one of the hardest things of all to do, but this game has been designed so that anyone can enjoy it for hours without getting bored.
Everything is very polished – from the attack animations, to the differences between day and night.

Technical Award

Awarded in recognition of programming skills that even amazed the developers

『Spooky Maze』
by calc84maniac (USA)

A survival game in which you search for keys to gates in order to escape from a maze. If you hit a dead end, you can use bombs to blast open a path. You also receive bonus points for rescuing cats!

Use this Public Key to download: 25NXCKKE

Judges’ Comment

“Wow! How did they do that!? That skeleton is so scary!” This excellent game had all the judges amazed by the programmer’s otherworldly skills.
The sense of anticipation while wandering around the maze and the panic when being chased by the skeletons are pulled off perfectly.
With graphics this polished, we felt we had no choice but to give this game the Technical Award!
Amazing, no matter how many times you see it!

Idea Award

Awarded in recognition of unique game systems and other innovative ideas

『Waga Bunshin-tachi wo Kesu de Gozaru yo』
by Asoburuterii

Use mirrors and “dango” to clear clones of yourself that were created with a ninja cloning technique. Will you be able to make out your own character from its identical clones? If you accidentally clear your character...

Use this Public Key to download: BEEV33NJ

Judges’ Comment

First of all, the premise is unique and fun. You worked out how to use a ninja cloning technique, but now the clones won’t go away, and you need to get rid of them!
A lot of thought has also clearly gone into how the clones are found.
The game itself is very simple, but its novel ideas and unique design stand out.
Even once you’ve picked yourself out from all the clones, you still need to pay close attention right until the very end!

Humor Award

Awarded to games that make you smile while playing

『Shinobi Ashi』
by jojo3

Move towards the samurai walking along in front of you as quickly as you can. The game is controlled by simply holding your 3DS and walking! If you move while the samurai is turned around facing you, it’s Game Over. Ninja-like skills of patience and stealth are required!

Use this Public Key to download: C32KNJAY

Judges’ Comment

The humorous game design and atmospheric graphics are what first stand out, but a lot of attention has also been paid to the details, such as the way the BGM volume is lowered while the samurai is looking towards you.
The creator has combined the 3DS’s gyro sensor with the ninja theme brilliantly – impressive, and very innovative! You can’t help smiling at way the samurai rushes towards you when he catches you moving!

Artistic Award

Awarded in recognition of impressive visuals and sound

『Keitai Aquarium Super』
by Mage

A virtual fish tank that lets you watch fish swim around a 3D space. Choose from 40 types of fish, 36 ornaments, 30 bases and backgrounds, and 27 wallpaper colors to easily create your very own fish tank!

Use this Public Key to download: 43XP43Q3

Judges’ Comment

All the judges found it really soothing to watch the fish swimming leisurely around just like real ones. This is also a very technically-accomplished work, and the look of a real aquarium is represented wonderfully, such as the way the fish become darker when they move to the back.
Rather than just staring at the fish, it’s nice that you’re able to feed them, too. The graphics for the fish info, ornaments, and so forth are also very impressive.

Hakase’s Award

Awarded to works that really show off the potential of SmileBASIC!

『Kitoone Ninja』
by Zae

Throw shurikens at the targets, and jump to avoid them! The controls are very simple, but the difficulty and other game elements are incredibly well-balanced. Hitting a single target with multiple shurikens won’t increase your points, so time your throws well!

Use this Public Key to download: 2EKXC3HV

Hakase’s Comment

A very novel design!
I get the feeling it could be made even better, though. If there was a simple guide to explain the game system, it would be easier to pick up and enjoy immediately.
It would also be even better if more things changed as the game progressed!

『Lunar Saviors』
by Rwiiug

A side-scrolling shooting game that’s compatible with the stereoscopic functions of the 3DS. Make use of auto-fire shots and powerful charged shots to defeat your foes and make your way to the awaiting boss! There is even an English translation available.

Use this Public Key to download(Japanese): BEEES3N4

Use this Public Key to download(English): D3E8N4AF

Hakase’s Comment

Even when an incredible amount of bullets appear on screen, there isn’t a single bit of slowdown!
This really proves the potential that SmileBASIC offers, and that the programmer knows how to make full use of it. The support for both Japanese and English is also a nice touch. It’s a shame all the bosses just use a charge shot, though.

『Maze Game』
by icyice799999 (USA)

A maze game in which you try to make it to the exit. Rotate the screen and make it to the goal within the time limit! You can change the level and color scheme from the menu screen.

Use this Public Key to download: 434PXEF3

Hakase’s Comment

I’m very impressed at the way the creator has used SmileBASIC to realize his idea of the layout changing when a corner is turned.
Using a minimal number of colors also works very well – everything looks simple and stylish.
I think including instructions for the controls might help avoid some confusion during gameplay, though.

『Origami Ninja』
by Yousuke

This game uses the 3DS’s gyro sensor. Move the 3DS with your hands to throw shurikens at the origami ninjas! Spot the rapidly-appearing ninjas as quickly as you can and defeat as many as possible within the time limit.

Use this Public Key to download: 2DN4CKHV

Hakase’s Comment

The way the game is controlled using the system’s sensor is just like that “Virtual Reality” everyone’s talking about these days!
The origami shurikens and origami ninjas give the game a unified feel that shows off the creator’s style.
I think this idea definitely has a lot of potential for growth.

Wanpaku Award

Awarded to the most “hardcore” works, based on my personal taste!

『Uchiyoke Ninja』
by Chamaru

Defeat the approaching enemies and aim for the high score! The key is to aim for gaps in the enemy’s defense to make your attacks, while at the same time dodging the shurikens they throw at you. This game requires fast movements and reflexes.

Use this Public Key to download: BXEY43N4

Wanpaku’s Comment

The way just shooting randomly defeats the enemies feels really satisfying! Just my kinda thing!
I also like the big font, and it’s great for old men like Hakase, too!

『Kageki the Legendary Swordman』
by Penko-Kai

A 3D tunnel action game. Defend against the attacking ninjas and their shurikens with your katana! Use your “Katana Slash” special attack to defeat the ninjas, who multiply using a ninja cloning technique. The 3D inward-scrolling effect is pulled off very well.

Use this Public Key to download: D32K4PAS

Wanpaku’s Comment

This is the guy from the fan meeting, isn’t it...Ponta...? Gonta 2-gou...? Whatever his name was!
About 50% of this game is the same as the “Oku ni Susumu-kun” game that he showed then!! This one really gets me right there! Impressive!

『Oogiri Yongou』
by Konimiru Katsuragi

Control “Oogiri Yongou” and defeat the enemies in this side-scrolling shooting game. The key is to attack using both your “Ninja Sword,” which fires in a straight line, and “Shuriken,” which can be moved freely. Collect items to increase your lives as you aim to complete the game!

Use this Public Key to download: K4XX343

Wanpaku’s Comment

This thing sure is chuggy... what the... (Hakase whispers in ear) M...S...X? Never heard of it!
Oh well, anyway... this game is darn hard! I can’t see how I’ll ever make it a single pixel past that volcano!
Good work!

Ninja Masuda Award

Awarded by freelance writer Ninja Masuda, based on his own personal taste

『Slime Vs Ninja』
by ChangeV (USA)

A side-scrolling shooting game. Avoid enemies and traps to clear stages and win back the treasure stolen from Slime Village by evil ninjas! The detailed effects – like female ninjas that appear from revolving doors, and maids that flip over trays – are what give this game its charm.

Use this Public Key to download: KKN47KAV

Ninja Masuda’s Comment

A humorous side-scrolling shooter.
It’s made by a Mr. ChangeV from the USA, but he definitely understands the way of the ninja!
The female ninjas that appear from revolving doors are brilliant! It might not be particularly new or original, but it’s beautifully made.
The stages are very varied, there are lots of different power-ups, and the mighty boss waiting at the end is great. This is a very well balanced game that never loses its charm.
The opening sequence with an angry slime chasing after the ninja who stole its treasure is also very cute.

Ninja Masuda’s Profile

Is he a freelance ninja posing as a freelance writer? Is he a freelance writer posing as a freelance ninja? Does it even matter? He used to work on the editorial team at Weekly Famitsu magazine, and has a vast knowledge of games. He knows almost everything, except for the things he doesn’t know.

Captain’s Award

Awarded by SmileBASIC developer “The Captain,” based on his own personal taste

by hanzo

A full-blown golf game. Watch the cursor rise on the swing power gauge, and press the A button with the right timing to make your swing! If the cursor passes the top of the gauge, you’ll miss the swing, so watch out. The game features three varied courses. The “Winter Snow Field” course makes the ball roll more easily, increasing the difficult level!

Use this Public Key to download: DEEE33Q4

Captain’s Comment

Most people who try to do everything in 3D are crazy, and this game is definitely crazy.
I mean that in a good way, of course!

by penduin (USA)

Make your character swallow bubbles and keys, and use them to reach the goal! You can only carry two items at once, so timing is crucial. You can also use edit mode to create your own stages to play on!

Use this Public Key to download: D3E3EXAX

Captain’s Comment

This game really stood out among all the submissions for being so polished.
Unlike the other impressive submissions, this one doesn’t really do anything in particular that grabs your attention. But come on... You’re a professional game developer, right? You must be a pro!

by Kl'dck Hul (USA)

An object-oriented language extension for SmileBASIC. It allows you to use modern language functions (modules and object-oriented instructions) when programming! Rather than just a simple instruction pack, this is an advanced library that uses PRG instructions to expand SmileBASIC’s language functions.

Use this Public Key to download: RAX4EA3

Captain’s Comment

This is exactly the sort of thing we anticipated when developing the SmileBASIC language in the way that we did.
Excellent! More like this, please!

CEO’s Award

Awarded by the CEO to submissions he was particularly jealous of in terms of ideas and designs

『Ninja Shushumaru』
by mim

A ninja-themed action RPG. Throw weapons at your foes and defend castles in different areas of Japan! The game is controlled simply by swiping the touch screen. The story and controls offer support for both Japanese and English.

Use this Public Key to download: KB847KKV

CEO’s Comment

I’ve been playing this so much, I’m worried I’ll crack the touch screen!
The “thanks” screen when you complete the game offers two languages.
The system as a whole is beautifully put together, making the game very addictive.
It’s so well made, I feel motivated to make something myself!

by Puchipuchi

Defeat oncoming foes as you advance forward in this side-scrolling action game. Enemy attacks can be avoided with jumps or dexterous slides. This game depicts slippery, difficult-to-control snow stages, hills, and so forth really well.

Use this Public Key to download: 5EEV23Q4

CEO’s Comment

The warm graphics and classic side-scrolling style are a perfect match. The detailed enemy animations and the movement of the character’s back moves when firing arrows are exquisite.
Any game with a bird poop and a frog as its most powerful enemies is good in my book!
I want to make something like this!

『π no Keisan Program』
by wantanmen

A calculator tool that lets you calculate pi! While π is being calculated, you can watch the calculations on-screen. Even if you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s fun just to watch! This tool allows you to test eight different formulas, and theoretically allows you calculate pi to 500,000 digits.

Use this Public Key to download: 7323VJAY

CEO’s Comment

The ultimate program for calculating pi! It makes great use of SmileBASIC’s features.
The screen scrolls like a battle is about to begin, with over-the-top BGM playing. The whole thing is ridiculous, and it even makes calculations seem interesting – this is the sort of thing SmileBASIC was made for! Around 1000 digits is just right. Great fun!

“Useful Gadgets” Category Grand Prize

Our favorite out of all the tools and apps submitted

『Pics Limited』
by Suu

A full-blown painting app that allow you to easily make your own pictures. Using the wealth of tools supplied, anyone can easily create authentic-looking paintings! Not only does the app feature easy-to-understand controls, it also includes an in-depth manual, meaning that even absolute beginners can enjoy it.

Use this Public Key to download: RSXX3QD

Judges’ Comment

It’s easy to use! It feels satisfying! It’s helpful! Has there ever been another painting tool that fulfilled these three criteria as well as this one does?
The pencil-like feel when drawing and the way the eraser feels are both brilliantly done. It also gets extra points for the detailed manual and sample images, which are very helpful for people who aren’t so artistic.
The whole thing is so well made that you just want to start drawing!

“Open” Category Grand Prize

Awarded to our favorite submission from the “Open” category


A treasure-hunting platformer set on an island of caves. Control the hero as you avoid enemies and obstacles while collecting “Diamonds,” the secret of rejuvenation. Complete each of the stages while effectively using weapons, tools, and healing items.

Use this Public Key to download (Japanese): KEKX73HV

Use this Public Key to download (English): Q3KP33Q3

Judges’ Comment

Huh!? This is so fun! I could play this forever! Wow ...... These were the voices resounding around our office. And no surprise, either – this game is wonderful.
Carefully-made stages, and a unique style that any true gamer will fall in love with instantly.
It’s a simple side-scroller, but a great deal of attention has been paid to things like the animations when gaining HP or defeating monsters. You can tell that the creator has put a lot of work into making sure this game is fun to play.

Ogiri Grand Prize

A wonderful submission that fits the theme perfectly

by hanzo

A super high-speed racing game featuring ninjas flying on kites. When your engine is full, press the L or R button and the A button together to accelerate! If you’re below a certain rank when passing through the check points, it’s instant Game Over.

Use this Public Key to download: DSEEX3QJ

Judges’ Comment

The feeling of acceleration when using a boost is wonderful! Adjusting your speed to overtake opponents feels great! The sloped pseudo-3D effect is amazing!
Everyone had nothing but good things to say about this submission. Brilliant!
A lot of work has gone into the details, such as the stage-switching and player character effects, and the quality impressed even the SmileBASIC developers. It controls beautifully, the BGM is exciting, the graphics are wonderful – top marks all round! Without a doubt worthy of the Ogiri Grand Prize!

Thank you very much for all your submissions!