Built-in Samples

A Variety of Sample Programs Comes with SmileBASIC!

Technology Samples

A Collection of Samples Tell You How Each Instruction of SmileBASIC Works


Various Samples of Screen Control

ATTR (Setting Text Attributes)
COLOR (Setting Color for text)
FONTDEF (Defining User Font)
LOCATE (Positioning Text to Display)
SCROLL (Scrolling Text)
VISIBLE (Selecting Elements to Display)
XSCREEN2 (Screen Mode 2 - 3D Mode)
XSCREEN4 (Screen Mode 4 - 2D Mode)


Various Samples of Graphics

GCLIP (Setting Clipping Region)
GCOPY (Copying Region)
GPAGE (Setting Graphic Page)
GPAINT (Painting Region)
GPRIO (Priority to Display)
GSAVE (Storing Graphics to an Array)
RGB (Calculating Logical Color Codes)


Various Samples of Drawing and Manipulating BGs (BG is the background screen that is covered with fixed-size characters)

BGANIM (Animating BG)
BGCLIP (Setting Clipping Region)
BGOFS (Setting Display Location)
BGPUT (Displaying BG)
BGROT (Rotating BG)
BGSAVE (Storing BG to an Array)
BGSCALE (Zooming In and Out)


Various Samples for Drawing Sprites

SPANIM (Animating Sprites)
SPCHR (Setting Character Attributes)
SPCLIP (Setting Clipping Region)
SPCOL (Detecting Sprite Collision)
SPCOLOR (Setting Color for Sprites)
SPLINK (Linking a Sprite to Another)
SPOFS (Setting Sprite Coordinates)
SPROT (Rotating Sprites)
SPSCALE (Zooming In and Out)


Samples for Playing Sounds and Talking

BEEP (Playing SFX)
BGMSET (Configuring BGM)
BGMSTOP (Stopping BGM)
BGMVOL (Setting BGM Volume)
TALK (Speaking JPN words and phrases)


Various Samples to Manipulate Strings

CHR$ (Code to Character)
FORMAT$ (Formatting Characters)
HEX$ (Decimal to Hexadecimal)
INSTR (Search Strings)
LEN (String Length)
MID$ (Extracting Characters)
SUBST$ (Replacing Characters)
VAL (Strings to Value)


Various Samples of Mathematical Functions

ABS (Absolute Value)
EXP/LOG (Exponentiation and Natural Logarithm)
FLOOR (Round down, off and up)
MIN/MAX (Minimum and Maximum)
RND (Random Number)
SGN (Signum)
SHIFT (Shifting Elements in an Array)
SORT (Sorting)
SQR/POW (Square Root and Power)


Various Samples of Trigonometric Functions

ASIN/ACOS (Arc Sine and Arc Cosine)
ATAN (Arc Tangent)
RAD/DEG (Radians and Degrees)
SIN/COS (Sine and Cosine)
SINH/COSH (Hyperbolic Sine and Cosine)
TAN (Tangent)


Managing Program Files

SAVE/LOAD (Saving and Loading a File)
CHKFILE (Checking Existence of a File)


Manipulating a Program within a Program

PRGSET (Replacing a Line in a Program)
PRGDEL (Deleting a Line in a Program)
PRGGET (Reading a Line in a Program)
PRGINS (Inserting a Line in a Program)


Various Samples to Use The Built-in Sensors

ACCEL (Demo for Accelerometer)
EXPAD (Demo for Circle Pad Pro)
GYRO (Demo for Gyro-sensor)
MIC (Demo for Microphone Input)