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What’s the matter with you? You look so depressed.

Well, I guess I am boring with the sample games…Or, I don’t care about the sample games…Or, I don’t even want to see the sample games…

What a mess, Wang-Paku! You keep saying the same thing with different wordings just like a broken robot.

“SmileBASIC” Dosage : Read complete warnings and information. Use as directed. Do not take more than directed.

Look, Wang-Paku. Just enjoy new programs. As the saying goes, just eat cookies even if you cannot find bread.

That is a wired proverb…There are no new programs at all!

You got the point. You will have another means to get new ones. That’s a download!

Download? I can remember I originally downloaded SmileBASIC…

You purchase it on Nintendo eShop. Now you can download something directly within SmileBASIC, not from Nintendo eShop.

Let’s see…I will download programs within SmileBASIC which I purchased on Nintendo eShop…

It looks something complicated but you find it should be easy as you try out. You can start at the TOP MENU as usual.


Oh, yes! I see a button looking like that. I have no idea but just tap it.Publish/Download Projects

Well, well, well. You are back. Wang-Paku the rough and reckless.
You have to have the Internet connection but you already have it because you’ve purchased SmileBASIC online. Pay attention to the signal strength and move on.


Okay. I don’t really understand what the screen tells.

That is the way you are. I will tell you something very casually. There are many of buttons but you just need to remember THIS button only for now.Download(Receive) using Public Key

You are really good to cut complicated explanation very short. I am afraid that the guy who designed the TOP MENU should feel very sad and maybe cry by knowing what you told but I have to tap the button anyway because I don’t want to learn much at a time.Download(Receive) using Public Key

Just remember. You have to have the Nintendo Network ID or NNID. Do you guys already have your own?

For more details of NNID, please refer to the official web by Nintendo.
If you would like to setup your own account from your Nintendo 3DS system, you should refer to the manual or the official web as well.

It is free.

Interruption happens midway. I am seeing this screen now.

Enter the Public Key for the project

And I have no idea of what to type in.

It is only natural that you don’t know what to type in. This is the screen where you cannot do anything without the public key.
And I have it for you.

Wow, that looks like a scene of some old-school game.

Don’t spot it. Type DA54EAD the hit OK button.

Select download destination

What does “DEFAULT” mean?

That means, in general, a pre-selected option by a computer system. So, in this case the DEFAULT means a location to …

I will download a program to the DEFAULT location! I think I understand it halfway but I don’t see any other buttons so I will just tap OK.

Confirm - Download
Downloading was completed successfully

In the meanwhile the download has been done.

I see nothing happened.

You see nothing special but the program has been downloaded into SmileBASIC. Just go back to the TOP MENU.


I think I got it! Just like I did while playing the same programs I guess I can open the program by tapping “Browse Samples” button.

No. The program you downloaded is different from the sample. That is not the case. Oh, I am recalling you were discussing something like that when you were talking about the SAVE operation.

Well, just tap this button to move on and you will see the secrets getting revealed.Browse Projects

A project and files

I see lots of characters I can recognize. I guess the SYS is location where the built-in programs are stored and the DEFAULT is for programs downloaded from the Internet. I think I am probably correct.

Wang-Paku! Your remembrance is better than I thought. Just try to select the SYS Select File here…


There are the sample programs coming up. Just the same to what you did by tapping “Browse Samples”

Then, go back to select DEFAULT and …


Oh! There is GAME1 there, which I saved previously. And there is the program I’ve just downloaded a little while ago.
Hmm, looks like there are sampler under the SYS and there are my own programs and downloaded ones under the DEFAULT.

You are getting familiar with that.
Useful tips for you. The SYS and the DEFAULT are called a “project”. And programs inside are called “files”. These are very common words and you should remember them.

Okay, okay. I understand. You are talking too much about something else. Let me play programs I’ve just downloaded!

By all means. The name is PRND201408. Tap OK button!

Rock-paper-scissors game


I think I understand what you are about to say.

Boring! Totally Boring! Why was I brought back to the select screen before knowing a loss or a win?

Well, you were brought back to the select screen as soon as you lost or won, and it happened before you noticed the message. It happens often by “browsing projects”

I don’t think there is anything I can do here. Can you do something?

Yep, this button in the TOP MENU.Create Programs with SmileBASIC

I am not making but just loading…I will do it now!

You perfectly mastered the LOAD instruction. Type RUN to start. Actually, you do the same by pushing START button on your Nintendo 3DS system.

Really? Why did I type three letters, RUN to start…?

Rock-paper-scissors game


I think I understand what you are about to say.

No matter what messages comes up as I win or lose it is totally boring! It is way too boring and that blows my sleepiness!

Calm down. Just take a look at the program.Program list

Hmm? Oh, it’s very short. It’s too short to scroll down!

Yes, it is very short. And it's too short to modify. I want you to understand that all games should not be rich and huge games but simple ones are also games as well. You need to take a short one when you start learning a programming.

In the meanwhile this has nothing fun for me.

Okay. There are a variety of games out there. Just download!

…I think I am understanding now. They are not new and you just reused some programs you created previously!

Is that a problem? I spent many hours to create them and I don’t see any problem to reuse…

Okay! I will let you download a REAL game!

Not reused one?

Uh, not new though. It is already available on the official site. Don’t mind. You never download a game published with the public key “N4DQF33J”

Well, I will welcome something new to play. I will download it now. What?

Confirm - Download

“The following project will be downloaded”…? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that message.

Sometimes I am very impressed with your natural instinct. You are right. What you have downloaded were files but you are about to download a project instead.

…how come?

That is a rough question really. You will get some idea by seeing the thing. Just download and Browse Projects.

……?VIEWERProject? Is it? There is one more project that I saw previously.

There were “SYS” and “DEFAULT” only but there is a new project called “SBTRUMP” added. Inside of the project looks like this.VIEWER - SBTRUMP

Files? Are they? There are three files inside. In other words multiple files are downloaded as well as a project is downloaded.

Notice : SBTRUMP includes not only three files but also …
break on …

(Cough) It has to be a long talk to explain. It should not be now.
“TRUMPBJ” should be a good starter. This is Blackjack.


I guess I heard the rule before. Total numbers of all cards in hand matters, right?

You are close but your understanding is very rough though.
First things first you lose when a hand total goes over 21. The 10, Jack, Queen, and King are all valued at 10 and an ace can count as either 1 or 11. Based on that calculation rule, on each turn you have the option of getting a "hit" to draw an additional card or a “stand” to end your turn. In this game a dealer’s turn comes when you “stand”

It looked like complicated but I found it was not difficult but very fun when I tried to play. I thought I could not play but now I can.

I am having some complex feelings… Hey, I will stress that there are many more public keys out there.

Travel to find the public keys

You made a bold move in spite of reusing old programs till now. And where can I find the public keys?

You have to find them by yourself.

That sounds like a phrase found in old-school games. …what!? Do I really find them by myself?

That is ture! SmileBASIC can generate your own public key for your program. I am not telling you in detail because it is too early for you to learn.

You treat me like a kid! Anyway, are you saying that various SmileBASIC users make their own program downloadable by generating a public key? I’ve never seen it!

You know why? You did not know what a public key means and you’ve just learnt the public key. Let’s see…I will recommend public keys found in gaming magazine or PC magazine. They are really good ones. Some of them can be found in ads of SmileBASIC.

Really? What magazine?

We don’t talk about a particular magazine because we take a neutral position. I don’t think it should be difficult to find some in the Internet.

I am not feeling clear at all…

Talking about the Internet, we have to talk about Miiverse, which is well-known for Nintendo 3DS, as well. There is an official community for SmileBAISC there and this is the best place to discuss SmileBASIC with others.

You are speaking so neatly when you discuss something official!

Plus, there are lots of people discussing SmileBASIC on other social networking services such as Twitter or Facebook. You will find some other small but active private forums or wiki sites as well.

To parents : Please monitor their children in order to protect the privacy of children online.

Wow! That is much deeper than I thought.

True but that’s why SmileBASIC is very much interesting due to that. I think it is kinda game like seeking for programs by others over the world.
This is another side of SmileBASIC to have fun. Hope you enjoy!

The characters are …
Energetic naughty boy
Hakase the Doctor
He is the man knowing mostly everything about SmileBASIC than anyone else.
Artificial Intelligence. Awesome technology!