Handy Instruction Manual

12About the TOP MENU

The TOP MENU is the first screen that appears when you start SmileBASIC.

① Web Tutorial

This opens the official "Introduction to SmileBASIC" page in your browser. This page provides instructions for beginners who are new to SmileBASIC and BASIC programming. (An Internet connection is required.)

A dialog will appear to confirm that the Internet will be accessed.
	When you want to return to SmileBASIC, press the HOME button to exit the browser.

The information on the page is updated regularly, so the content may vary from that shown here

②Browse Samples

This feature allows you to view the programs and games included as samples. Select the file you wish to view and press the Confirm button to start SmileBASIC and run the program.

EX1-8Programs of increasing complexity
GAME1-7Games in different genres
SB????Various tool programs

Please refer to the "About Sample Programs" page for details.

③Browse Projects

This feature allows you to run saved projects. Select a project and press the Select File button. Next, select the project to run and press the Confirm button, which will start SmileBASIC and run the program.

The contents of the SYS folder are the same as those displayed when

If any of the following apply, the program currently running will be stopped, and you will be returned to the TOP MENU.

  • If the program has run to the end
  • If an error has occurred in the program
  • If the user has pressed the START button
  • If the END or STOP instructions have been executed

If the program stops with the message ===Press ENTER to Exit== displayed, please press the ENTER key on the Touch Screen. You will then be returned to the TOP MENU.

④Manage Projects/Files

By default, files such as programs and other data are saved to a project folder called DEFAULT. Once you get to the point where you have lots of different projects, and too many files to manage, you can create new project folders to organize them into. Please refer to the "Manage Projects/Files" page for more details.


From here you can configure various settings, such as assigning features to the SMILE button on the keyboard. Please refer to the "Options" page for more details.

⑥Purchase Additional Features

New features and services to enhance SmileBASIC can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop. Press the button to display a product list. Then, select the product you wish to purchase and press the "Purchase" button, which will connect you to Nintendo eShop and start the purchase procedure. Please note that you must have a sufficient balance for the price of each product that you wish to purchase. (An Internet connection is required to access the Nintendo eShop.)

⑦Publish/Download Projects

From here you can store programs you have created on the server, and publish them so they are available to other people. Please refer to the "Publish/Download Projects" page for more details.

⑧Create Programs with SmileBASIC

From here you can start SmileBASIC and begin creating your very own program. Please refer to "Create Programs" and the subsequent pages for more details.

⑨Announcement Display Area

Important information regarding SmileBASIC, news of upcoming events, and other announcements from SmileBoom are displayed here. (If you do not wish to receive these announcements, please uncheck "Receive Announcements" in Options.)