Handy Instruction Manual


From here you can set the various options for the way SmileBASIC works.

①Calibrate Circle Pad Pro

From here you can calibrate the Circle Pad Pro. Attach the Circle Pad Pro, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

②Assign Program to SMILE Button

This lets you change the program that is assigned to the SMILE button on the keyboard.


The OPTION TOOL instruction must be written at the top of a program in order to register it to the SMILE button.

③Receive Announcements

Check this option if you want to receive announcements from SmileBoom, such as news of upcoming events. Announcements will appear at the bottom of the TOP MENU.

④Key Repeat

When inputting characters in BASIC, if you hold down a key, it will be input repeatedly. From here you can set the repeat rate.

  • WAIT - Time to wait after inputting the first character before inputting the second character
  • REPEAT - Repeat interval after inputting the second character

⑤Reset Settings

This restores the settings on the Options screen to their initial state.

⑥Wrap Text

In the program EDIT mode, long lines of text are wrapped around. If you wish to turn this feature off and show them on single lines, uncheck this option. If turned off, horizontal scrolling will occur.

⑦Edit Colors

In EDIT mode, different types of elements such as instructions and numerical values are displayed in different colors so that they can be recognized easily. From here you can change the display color for the different elements.

  • TEXT (Characters)
  • NUMERIC (Numbers)
  • STRING (Character strings enclosed in "")
  • STATEMENT (Control statements)
  • KEYWORD (Instructions)
  • COMMENT (Comments)
  • LABEL (Labels beginning with @)
  • BACK (Background)