Handy Instruction Manual

22About Sample Programs

This product includes sample programs. Please refer to each sample program's description for details.

How to Play the Sample Programs

To run a sample program, press the "Browse Samples" button from the TOP MENU, and then select and run the program from the file list.


How to Use the Sample Programs

You can use the sample programs in the same way as programs you have created yourself. The sample programs are all stored within the SYS project.

  1. Switch to DIRECT mode
  2. LOAD "SYS/File_name"ENTER
  4. Press START to stop the running program
  5. View the contents of the program in EDIT mode

Any of the sample programs can be saved under a different name using the SAVE instruction. They can be freely modified as you wish, without asking SmileBoom for approval.

Basic Samples

These are sample programs using simple BASIC instructions that will help you learn to program. Use Edit mode to see what each of the programs do.

File Name and Short Description
Printing characters to the console
Simple calculator using character input
Simple piano and drums using the keyboard
Number guessing game
Graphical biorhythm display
Simple touch-operated sequencer
Demo showing movement of multiple enemies and bullet shooting
Demo explaining and evaluating each instruction

Advanced Samples

These are samples that utilize various different BASIC instructions. The different tool samples can be used when preparing data needed for a game you are creating.
You can view the contents of these sample programs in EDIT mode, just like the basic samples, so once you understand how to program with BASIC, you can add your own features as required.

File Name and Short Description
Racing game made up of pictographs, where the player clears all the on-screen dots while dodging enemy attacks
Role-playing game where the player moves through a 3D-style dungeon while defeating enemies
Side-scrolling platform game where the player heads for the goal while dodging enemies and obstacles
Bullet hell ("danmaku" or "Barrage") shooting game where the player defeats enemies, which grow stronger with each stage, to earn score
Simple versus fighting game where large characters fight with swords
Nonsensical fortune-telling game where the player answers gibberish questions to receive mumbo jumbo answers
※ This sample is not localized because TALK instruction only speaks Japanese
Can only be played with the Circle Pad Pro. Juggling game using the sticks