Handy Instruction Manual

23Using the HELP Tool

This product provides a HELP feature that allows you to instantly check the format and usage of each instruction.
This feature can be used both in DIRECT mode and in EDIT mode.

How to Use the HELP Feature

As an example, let's try displaying the help for the LOCATE instruction.

  1. Input the instruction you want to check. DO NOT press the ENTER key.

    The instruction to the left of the cursor is what will be looked up.

  2. Press the HELP button on the keyboard.


  3. The help text appears on the upper screen.

When the help text is too long, only part of it will be displayed on the screen. Please press the ↑↓ buttons shown below to scroll up and down in order to view the whole of the text. Note that an instruction may have multiple help pages that show different uses for it, such as different arguments used with the instruction. If there is a notation such as (1/2 ->) in the header section at the top of the page, you can switch to the other page(s) by moving the stick to the left or right.

◆How to navigate the help text

1 Scrolls up or down one line in the help text.
You can also scroll by pushing the Circle Pad up or down.
2 Scrolls up or down one section at a time.
Comment -> Arguments -> Return Values -> Examples
3 Changes the current help page.
You can also change page by pushing the Circle Pad left or right.
4 Copies the usage example(s).
You can then press the PASTE button to paste and use the copied example(s) at the cursor location.
5 Exits the HELP feature.

◆Understanding the help text
 Example: LOCATE instruction

  1. Title: Format

    LOCATE X-coordinate,Y-coordinate [,Z-coordinate]

    • Shows how to arrange the instruction and its argument(s).
    • Arguments enclosed in [] are optional.
  2. Comment


    • Explains what the instruction does.
  3. Arguments


    • Explains how the argument(s) work.
    • Some instructions may have multiple arguments.
  4. Return Values

    Return Values

    • Shows the return values, if the instruction (function) has any.
  5. Examples


    • Shows specific usage example(s).
    • These can be copied using the COPY button.

Supplementary HELP Feature

When you press the HELP button without inputting a word to look up, an explanation on how to use the HELP feature and the instruction list will be displayed.